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Results and Statistics

At Carlton C of E Primary our school motto is

'Work hard, reach for the stars and you will go far!  For with God nothing shall be impossible. ' Luke 1:37'

This, I believe, is reflected in our results,  please see below.

KS2 SATS results for 2021-2022

In May 2022 Carlton Pupils achieved: 

Mathematics 84% reached expected (National Average 71%)

Reading 84% reached expected (National Average 74%)

Writing 84% reached expected (National Average 69%)

Combined 50%


KS2 SATs results for 2022-2023

In May 2023 Carlton Pupils Achievements against National Average (

Mathematics 84% reached expected (National average 73%)

Reading 68% reached expected (National average 73%)

Writing: 68% reached expected (National average 71%)

Combined 53% reached expected (National average 60%) 


KS2 Percentage of pupils who achieved at a higher standard in reading, writing and maths

Combined: 0%

Reading:  21.1%

Writing: 0%

Maths: 10.5%


KS2 Average ‘scaled scores’ in reading and maths

Reading: 104.8

Maths: 104.1


KS2 Progress scores in reading, writing and maths for 22/23

Reading: -1.5

Writing: -2.7

Maths: -1.3